Disciplines and categories




1º 50 € & Diploma
2º 30 € & Diploma
3º 25 € & Diploma

Couple to one voice

1º 100 € & Diploma
2º 60 € & Diploma
3º 50 € & Diploma

They will perform with their corresponding tambourines and perform two tunes, one for “LO PESAO” and the other for “LO LIGERO”. Each song will have two stanzas and two choruses and at least one of them Campurriana (lyrics and style).



The folkloric contest will be held on September 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the Teatro Principal.

Registration must be made in advance at the tourism office of the City Council of Reinosa or by calling this phone 942755215. The deadline will be Wednesday, September 12.

To start the selection tests, all participants must be at the Theater at 17:15.

The winners of each modality will participate in the Folkloric Festival to be held in the Plaza de España on September 30, following the parade of carts, along with other folk groups. The awards ceremony will take place once the festival is over, and the winner of each category in the Plaza de España on Día de Campoo at the end of his performance.

Atrezzo and decoration

The participants will appear dressed in typical Cantabrian costume. For the Campurriana categories, participants must wear the Campoo costume. The jury reserves the right to penalize incorrect attires such as jeans, bare-headed wenches

The organization reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not follow decorum and good behavior during the contest. Entrance to the stage area will be prohibited to any person not participating in the contest. We ask the audience to collaborate and respect the participants and the event.


The contestants of the children’s categories must have been born in 2004 and onwards and will be asked for their DNI during the contest.

Contest development

The order of participation will be announced by public address during the development of the contest. These calls must be fulfilled by each contestant immediately, otherwise they will be considered disqualified.

The jury

The qualifying jury will assess the Campurriana style and may declare void those awards it deems appropriate and award new ones.