Disciplines and categories


1º : 950 euros & trofeo
2º 890 euros & trofeo
3º 860 euros & trofeo
4º 830 euros
5º 770 euros
6º 740 euros
7º 700 euros
8º 580 euros

9º 550 euros
10º 520 euros
11º 490 euros
12º 460 euros
13º 430 euros
14º 410 euros
15º 400 euros
16º 370 euros

* From position 17 there will be consolation prizes.

* In order to participate in this parade, it is essential to be in the Cupid Park at three thirty in the afternoon. Participants who arrive later will be disqualified.

* The parade will start at 4 in the afternoon.


Event development and tour

At the scheduled time, the councilor for festivities and the municipal police begin to mark the departure of the participants, who are placed successively on Avda. De Castilla, at the point marked for the start of the parade. In this way the parade will run from the subsequent Avda. Del Puente de Carlos III, to the so-called Fuente de la Aurora, already on Avda. De Cantabria, having traveled the Calle Mayor among the large audience.

The parade is completed with folk groups from the region and the rest of the region, as well as “campurriano” dressed in the typical costume of the festival accompany the carts in their parade.

The parade has the vigilance and help of the Municipal Police, Civil Protection, Civil Guard, Red Cross ambulances, City Hall operators and volunteers from all the clubs, as well as the watchful eye and willingness of members of the Local Corporation.

The jury of the contest will be attentive during the parade of the carts. They will have to value concepts such as:

  • Thematic
  • Quality, difficulty and completion of the set
  • Costumes and animation
  • Punctuality in the parade

The resolutions are reflected in the corresponding minutes, available to anyone who wishes to consult them. The award ceremony is held in the Plaza de España in front of the Town Hall and is broadcast on local radio and, lately, on regional and digital television channels.

Elaboration and uniqueness

It is very important to know how to give the work the right tone so that it is attractive to the public that can accept it in every way, that is, artistically well done and conceptually successful.

The parades of Carts of the Fairs and Festivals of San Mateo de Reinosa have always been very attractive.

Throughout history, the preferred theme has been linked to the reproduction of events in the daily life of Campurrians.

To start, it is essential to talk about the cars, mainly pulled by oxen on which the typical pictures are represented, many of them with the sounds of the wheels turning. Different materials are used on them, especially wood and tiles to represent homes or parts of them.

We must add that a cart is finished and ready to parade when the “extras” are on it: people dressed in typical clothing of the event they represent, in some of them there are even animals, to represent scenes with the care of animals , the slaughter of the pig…

Theme and position

The theme of the CARRETAS must be stamps from Campurriana, those that do not comply with this norm will be disqualifying. Each cart will be presented by the respective Waiter Round. Participants can register at the office on the ground floor of La Casona until September 28.

Then a raffle will be held to determine the place that each cart will occupy in the parade.